Hand-signed, personally obtained, autograph of 1950's Rock & Roll Legend Eddie Cochran (www.ebay.com)

This is an EXTREMELY rare autograph because Eddie Cochran was killed in an auto accident at age 21 in 1961 in England just as his popularity was soaring.

When I was a teenager in the 1950's, one Sunday afternoon I attended a show at the Veteran's Auditorium in Kansas City, Kansas. This was probably in 1959 or 1960. In the show were Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, and Eddie Cochran. This was an afternoon show in an auditorium with windows all around; no darkened house. The sound system was a single microphone through the house PA system. There were no lighting effects. It was raw, real, rock & roll at its best; not a high-tech light and sound show like today's concerts. There were probably fewer than 200 people in the audience. These entertainers were "one-hit-wonders" at the time.

I was able to visit with the entertainers after the show. As a teenager, I carried a 3" x 5" notepad and a ballpoint pen for autographs. I personally handed Eddie Cochran the pad and pen and watched him sign his autograph. This is my own personal collection, not bought from a store or autograph company. I have no "certificate of authenticity," because I witnessed this autograph personally.

Eddie Cochran's autograph is on a plain piece of 3x5" note paper, slightly yellowed because of age. The ink is slightly faded, but still clearly readable. As a teenager, I used to type the name on the autograph paper with an old, manual typewriter.


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